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Take the Ultimate Test Drive with Avis Car Sales


If you are shopping for a late-model used car that has been well-maintained and can be had at a highly competitive price, then consider a certified used car from Avis Car Sales. The car sales arm of Avis Rent a Car offers a number of perks and benefits for used car shoppers, beyond the low prices on late-model and low-mileage used cars. With the Ultimate Test Drive Rental at your local Avis Car Sales location, used car buyers can test drive a certified used car of their choice for up to three days -- including up to a two-hour test drive at no additional cost.

Here's How to Extend Your Test Drive

When you shop the online inventory of Avis Car Sales in your area, simply select the car that you would like to test drive and explore further, visit the Avis Car Sales lot, sign the standard rental agreement and take your potential next car out for a test spin. Not only can you independently test drive any Avis Car Sales used car for up to three days at the current rental rate, but the no-obligation extended test drive is free if you return the car within the two-hour limit. Compared to the standard test drive at dealerships -- which typically involves a short drive around the block and maybe a one-exit jaunt on the nearby freeway -- even an extended two-hour drive in an Avis Car Sales vehicle can make your purchase decision much easier.

Of course, Avis Car Sales understands that you may want to test out your potential next vehicle in your daily life, whether that be a commute to work or an extended drive over the weekend. That is why they offer the three-day rental option for every one of their used cars for sale. What is even better is that if you decide to purchase the vehicle after your one, two or three days of an Ultimate Test Drive Rental, your rental fee is refunded to you!

Shop Avis Car Sales Used Vehicles at CertifiedCars.com

We are excited to announce that Avis Car Sales' nationwide certified used car inventory is now available to be viewed on our site. With an inventory of low-mileage and late-model cars, SUVs and trucks, a Premium Assured Limited Warranty, highly competitive pricing and the Ultimate Test Drive Rental program, Avis Car Sales is a smart option when used car shopping.

For more information on Avis's certification and warranty program, please refer to the following link.

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