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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Car Purchase: Part 3


In our final installment of our series, Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Car Purchase, we look at financial decisions for your next car purchase.

5. How will I pay for it?

Do you have cash on-hand or will you need to take out a loan? Nothing beats cash if you can afford it, but if you need financing, be sure to weigh the best interest rate you find into your monthly payment. You can finance directly through the dealership or a credit union or bank of your choice if you are approved.

6. Am I open to paying for any extra features?

If you are like most car buyers, you feel a bit uncomfortable being upsold on extra features when buying a new, used or certified used car at a dealership. On the spot, it can be tough to know if these added features like an extended warranty, maintenance packages or dealer-installed accessories provide great value to you as the consumer. Before arriving at the dealership to close any deal on your next car, SUV or pickup truck, you should already have a good idea of what you are open to in the form of add-ons. Research what you can beforehand, including the warranty (if any) that comes with the car, possible accessories like floor mats and bumper protectors and your willingness to consider any extra features.

Knowledge is Power

Ask yourself these questions to help you think, act and buy wisely the next time you are in the market for a car. Remember, you have the power to say 'yes' or 'no' to any deal, and you do not have to make a decision right away. You may need to walk away and do some more research, visit other dealerships, test drive some other cars before you are confident in your purchase decision. Planning ahead with this checklist of questions will put you in a better position to find the car that is perfect for you!

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