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CPO Car Buyer Story: When it Pays to Have a Warranty


When buying a late-model used car, researching the specific vehicle and any known reliability issues with the year and model of car can only go so far. Sometimes, even popular cars that have positive consumer reviews can have a somewhat unique issue come up during ownership. For one certified used car driver, a minor issue had shown itself on the initial test drive, but he purchased the car due in part to it still being under warranty and an assurance that his concern with the car would be addressed.

Hard Shift But Pleasant Overall Experience with CPO Program

I bought a certified pre-owned 2015 Ford Fusion. On the test drive I noticed it had a hard shift, but it had several years of warranty and was $3k below book, so I bought it. Plus I really like the car. I made arrangements with the dealer to bring it in for the hard shift.

I drove it for a couple of weeks, then brought it in. They did some testing and they could feel the shift, but were getting misfire codes. They found and replaced a bad ignition coil, but after driving it was still throwing codes. After some testing they found a bad cylinder head. They replaced the cylinder head and drove it again, hard shift still there. After some more testing they found an issue inside the transmission. Apparently Ford has not seen issues with this transmission yet, so they have asked the dealership to tear it down, let them know what they find, and Ford will either send them a new tranny or parts to fix this one.

Everything is covered under warranty, and the dealer has had me in a loaner car the whole time, so I'm not really stressing it. I'm not down on the car at all, the research I did before purchasing showed it to be a fairly solid rig. I just happen to get a unique one. I figure when I get my car back, it will be in pretty good shape, and I'm not out any money, so cool.

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