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7 Reasons Why a Certified Car (CPO) May Be Right for You


#1: It's More Cost-Effective Than Buying New

If you compare the asking price for your car, SUV or pickup truck of choice as a new car and a CPO model, you may be left with a bit of sticker shock. Many certified cars are two or more model years old, as they have recently come back onto the market following a lease agreement. Two-year-old certified used cars are on average about 25% less expensive than an identical new model. Extend that out another two years and you will discover that certified cars that are four years old are roughly 40% cheaper than a new version. Of course, certified used cars are typically priced slightly higher than your average used car, but with that you get the added peace of mind knowing your CPO was rigorously inspected; plus, CPO cars get an extended warranty.

#2: Your Certified Vehicle Will Not Depreciate as Quickly as a New Car

There's another advantage to the argument mentioned in reason #1. Once that new car is driven off the lot, it immediately starts depreciating. On average, that new car will depreciate about 20% in its first year. Purchase that car one or two years after new and its fastest depreciation rates will have already occurred, allowing you to drive it for a significantly reduced price.

#3: Certified Pre-Owned Cars (CPO) Look, Feel and Drive like Nearly-New

Most certified pre-owned car programs affiliated with a manufacturer require a like-branded vehicle to be within 6-8 model years of new. While there many not still be that new car smell, your certified car, truck or SUV may still feel like new -- especially if it is a one-owner car, which can be verified with the free vehicle history report that comes with most certified cars.

#4: Lower Mileage Is a Requirement for CPO Programs

Automakers' CPO programs have strict mileage restrictions for vehicles to become certified. Most certified pre-owned cars must have fewer than 80,000 original miles (often less) when certified and offered for sale. As it is certainly not unheard of for well-maintained cars to last 200k miles or more nowadays, a CPO vehicle with low miles has plenty of life left in it.

#5: CPO Cars Have Been Extensively Inspected

Unlike regular used cars, every CPO car is put through an extensive inspection process, which often includes 150+ points of inspection. For instance, Ford's CPO program requires technicians to examine 172 items before signing off on a car's certified pre-owned status. Car buyers can save a lot of hassles of buying a used car and money compared to buying a new car by selecting a high-quality CPO model.

#6: It Comes with a Generous Warranty Plan

When you buy a regular used car, there may be a brief warranty period, but once that has expired, you are on your own. With a certified car, SUV or pickup, you get the added assurance of a longer warranty plan. In fact, some CPO warranty packages are more generous than what the vehicle came with as new, as the car has been extensively inspected to ensure many thousands of miles of use without parts failures.

#7: It Feels Good Making the Smarter Choice

Lastly, getting an impeccable late-model vehicle at an affordable price is always a good feeling. CertifiedCars.com invites you to shop for your CPO car of choice by utilizing our advanced yet simple to use certified car search tools.