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Top-Selling Pickup Trucks Available Now as CPO Vehicles


Passengers cars and crossovers/SUVs may represent the vast majority of new and used vehicle sales in the U.S., but pickup trucks are still a significant part of the market. Whether you are shopping for a pickup truck as your daily driver, a weekend warrior or as a commercial vehicle or transport for your business, you may not want to pay that full, new truck price for a vehicle that is going to be put to work hauling and towing on a regular basis. Here at CertifiedCars.com, you can discover a third option for your pickup truck purchase beyond new or used. Our inventory listings of only certified used vehicles means that finding a pre-owned pickup truck that has been inspected, certified and fitted with an extended warranty is easier than ever; plus, you can compare certified pre-owned (CPO) pickups based on features and price -- all in one place!

Here are a few recommendations for CPO pickup trucks in both the full-size and mid-size classes that are available right now through the CertifiedCars.com vehicle search.

Full-Size Pickups: Ford F-150

Search for a certified used pickup from anywhere in the country and you are sure to find plenty of late-model Ford F-150 trucks available. As part of America's top-selling pickup truck line for four decades and the top-selling truck model in America, there is clearly a reason that shoppers continue to choose the F-150 when they need full-size power and capability. Redesigned for the 2015 model year with a revolutionary high-strength, all-aluminum body and powered by a range of 6-cylinder Ford EcoBoost and V8 engines, the innovative current generation of the F-150 is now readily available in CPO condition.

Mid-Size Pickups: Toyota Tacoma

America's favorite mid-size pickup, the Toyota Tacoma, has weathered the changing demands for smaller pickup trucks over the past decade and remains as a smart choice for drivers looking for impressive capability, agility and that fun to drive feeling. The familiar Tacoma formula of standard 4-cylinder and available V6 power continues no matter which model year you are after, including the previous generation and the current generation model, released for the 2016 model year. The diverse range of Tacoma trucks includes base models that are ideal for use for transport businesses or as an affordable second vehicle to the sporty and off-road inspired Tacoma TRD models, which feature increase ground clearance and enhanced performance and styling.

Make the Smarter Choice

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle like a pickup truck that is going to get plenty of heavy use, buying pre-owned instead of new makes a lot of sense.

If you are still weighing new or used versus buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, see our reasons why it's smart to buy a used vehicle instead of new.