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Our Favorite Car Buying and Selling Stories: Part 4


This Guy Looks Like He Could Use Another MX-5 Miata...

One day I was driving my Mazda MX-5 to a local shop in the San Francisco Bay Area. As I'm sitting at a stop light, I am thinking about the joys of life as a Miata owner when suddenly an older gentleman pulls up next to me in a lifter Bronco and yells "Hey! You want to buy a Miata with a hardtop for $600?" I said "Heck yeah!" We both pulled over; I was very skeptical about this guy. I mean really? Some random dude off the street just offered me a Miata with a hardtop for $600!! Can it get any better? Well, it did. I followed the dude to his place which was about 10 minutes from where he initially pulled me over. I get to his place; we introduce ourselves. He then goes inside his house and I'm thinking "This dude is going to pull out a gun and shoot me" But no. He comes back and opens his garage… there she sat. A sunburst yellow Miata with the promised hardtop. When I saw the yellow my heart skipped a beat. As many of you know it is just about the rarest color. He filled me in with info about the car. It had been sitting for a while. I wasn't concerned since I knew back fees were nothing compared to the car that was in front of me. He had to sell it since he was leaving the country and needed it gone. I drove the car home that same night. To this day, I am amazed by what happened. It was very cool.

Turns Out the Car Idles Just Fine

I was looking at trading a Ford Powerstroke pickup truck and a motorcycle I had for a 2005 Subaru WRX STi. I test drove the STi first, and asked if he cared if I left the car idling while we looked at my truck and bike (to make sure it wasn't going to overheat). So, as were getting out, my elbow bumped the lock button without me realizing. Then I turned and shut the door. Then he turned and shut his. Then I realized I had left my phone in the cup holder and went to get it. That's when we realized I had locked his keys in the ignition with the car running. So I asked him if he had a spare, he said he did not. So we ended up having to call the cops to come jimmy the door open for us. Took the police almost three hours to show up and the car nearly ran out of gas.

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