Favorite Car Buying and Selling Stories


Whether buying or selling, through a dealer or privately, used car transactions can be, well, interesting. Here are two of our favorite stories of car selling and buying not going quite accordingly to plan.

Giving My Mustang a Proper Farewell

When I sold my Mustang, the new owner (18-year-old kid) asked if I could drive him and the car back to his house, he would give me the money once we got there. On the way to his house, he kept on asking me old questions about the car, like how I felt about it, if I was sad to sell it, if I would miss it. I told him it was my first car, but that it had almost cost me my life, so I was selling it to please my mom. He suddenly asks me to take the next exit and proceeds to guide me through a bunch of small roads until we get to this long straight road in the middle of nowhere. I ask him what's going on, why are we there. He tells me "Give her a proper farewell, there are no cops here, so go as fast as you want." It was kind of emotional, knowing that it was the last time I'd get to hear the roar of that engine, the last time I'd get to be behind the wheel of my first car. In the end, the guy gave me $100 extra; his mom freaked out when he showed her what he had bought, his dad just laughed and told him it was a good choice.

I left happy knowing that someone would get to enjoy that Mustang as much as I did.

When a Craigslist Car Sale in a Walmart Parking Lot Does Not Go As Planned

Once upon a time I had my old Kia Rio delivery vehicle for sale. I made an appointment with someone via text to show the car in a grocery store parking lot. After showing the guy the exterior/underbody/under the hood, he asked me if I would consider a trade. I was open for it so while I was closing up the hood and putting back the spare tire in the trunk I turned around, and the guy was walking up to me holding an AR15 Rifle. He had it pointed down, but it definitely startled me. I really thought I was about to get robbed in the Walmart parking lot!

His offer was the custom made AR15, a chainsaw, and an unopened iPhone 5. I accepted the deal since the value of the items in total were worth significantly more than the car. After that, he test drove the car, and we drove into the middle of nowhere to do some target shooting to confirm that the rifle was in working order. He was a pretty cool guy. Everything went better than expected.