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Crazy Test Drive Stories, Told by Dealership Staff: Part 2


Ask any car salesman for a funny or crazy test drive experience with a customer, and they are sure to have no shortage of stories to tell. Below are a few of our favorites. Read Part 1 of our Crazy Test Drive Stories for more.

Parking Lot Donuts

"We had a brand new 2014 Audi S4, and it was right after a snow storm. The kid test driving it was younger and came with cash. We were going for a normal test drive when he went into an open hospital parking lot. At that point, he proceeded to turn off the traction control and start doing donuts as I hold on to the handle for my life. After telling him to stop well over ten times, he stopped, and I kicked him out of the driver's seat and drove back. After getting screamed at by our GM, he ended up buying the car. Needless to say, he scared me. Could have been worse!"

Cleanup Needed in the Back Seat

"Current Nissan salesman here. On my 2nd month selling, I had a young lady with her 6-year-old son come in to look at a Pathfinder. The child kept crying saying he was sick and wanted to go home but she seemed very determined to drive a new Pathfinder. We get the car seat into the back and drive away. The kid is whining the whole test drive. As we finally start pulling into the dealership the kid VOMITS all over the back seat. The woman was so embarrassed she practically ran to her car and never answered another phone call."

Granny Can Drive

"I used to sell Honda's ten years ago, and on a rainy night an elderly woman came in and told me she wanted a fun and sporty car and was interested in the S2000. I explained the car was only offered in a manual transmission to which she replied 'I was driving a manual when you were still in diapers, young man!' So I got the keys without any more questions and gave her a rundown of the car before taking off."

"I explained it was a light weight, RWD sports car, so she needed to be easy on the clutch especially on wet pavement. She proceeds to basically dump the clutch kicking the rear of the car out and somehow pulling an almost perfect 180 putting us back into the dealership parking lot. I looked over at her, and she had a crazed look on her face. Needless to say, she took the car that night. She used to come back monthly and show it off to everyone."

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