Common Repair Costs Following the Purchase of a Used Car


While purchasing a regular used car can save you money over a new car or certified used car model, it may not be the most cost-effective car buying decision over the life of owning the car. Even with car history reports which detail previous collisions, repairs and recall notices, there is only so much you can know about a used car prior to purchase. Let's explore ten of the most common issues (in no particular order) that can arise with an older vehicle or used car.


Faulty transmissions are common problems that arise in a car over time. Automatic transmissions are more susceptible to issues due to their more complex designs and added parts, but manual gearboxes can fail as well. From an automatic transmission failing to upshift or downshift to a manual gearbox grinding or failing to shift into gear, many problems can arise -- even with today's more advanced transmissions. The recent development and use of continuously variable transmissions (CVT) and dual-clutch transmissions (DCT) in passenger vehicles means that early versions of these advanced transmissions can require extra service or attention.

HVAC System

Chances are you use your car's heater, air conditioner (A/C) or both on a regular basis or at varying time throughout the year. If you have ever experienced a broken heater system or an A/C system that does not blow cold air, you understand how uncomfortable even a short drive can be.

Leaks Caused By Hose or Resevoir Damage

Spotting a pool of liquid under your car is never a good feeling. While the fix for such an issue may be an inexpensive hose, finding the culprit of the leak is not always so easy and could require a hefty labor charge at your local auto service center.

Head Gasket

A head gasket leak can be very expensive to repair, as it requires replacing the head gasket and inspecting any other issues that may have caused the gasket to fail.

Rust, Body or Frame Damage

Seen or unseen damage from a collision such as body or frame damage can cause headaches down the road. From rust perforation to squeaks and rattles or trouble selling your salvaged titled vehicle at a later date, it is best to avoid a car that may have possible further damage from a collision.

Electrical Systems

From warning lights flashing on your dash to the loss of use of interior convenience features, electrical systems issues in your car can be a real hassle. They can also put the safety and dependability of your vehicle at risk, for instance, in the case of a faulty tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), check engine light or broken turn signal indicator.

Avoid Expensive Repair Costs by Choosing a Certified Used Car

If you are determined to save money and avoid paying that hefty new car price (and rightfully so), then it is smart to consider a certified pre-owned (CPO) car. Certified used cars have been thoroughly inspected and subsequently repaired of any found issues; plus, they come with extended warranties to protect the buyer from future repair costs. is your top resource for searching for a quality, late-model CPO car, SUV or truck. Shop at today!