Certified Pre-Owned Cars Q & A: Part 2


If you are looking into certified pre-owned (CPO) cars as your next car purchase, but you have questions, then you are not alone. The certified used car market is growing, as more and more car buyers discover the many benefits of choosing a CPO car, SUV or pickup truck over the high price and depreciation of a new car and the little peace of mind that a regular used car affords. In Part 2 of our CPO Q & A series, we look at a real question from a car buyer that can be applied to your search for a certified used car of any make or model.

How important is CPO on a used Audi?

Question: How much should I value the CPO? Is there an equivalent option that I can purchase, or negotiate the dealership with the non-CPO vehicle to cover? I loved my A6, but I don't want to deal with the maintenance and repairs costs, thus my focus on CPO Audis.

Answer: A CPO car is backed by the manufacturer as a premium pre-owned example, in your case, an Audi A6 model. While you can have the dealership add an extended warranty onto a non-CPO used car, it will likely not cover the same components as the factory-backed CPO extended warranty. The CPO warranty can be utilized at any Audi franchise dealership, whereas a used Audi with an extended warranty from the dealership may only be offered for service at that particular dealership. The second aspect where a CPO car and a used car with an extended warranty vary is in the inspection and reconditioning process. To meet Audi's CPO program standards, a used Audi must not only possess low miles and be late-model, but it must also pass a rigorous inspection process. Any issues found during the inspection must be repaired, such as brake or tire wear and more. A used car should be in good operating condition when offered for sale at a dealership, but there is no specific inspection performed by the dealership as added peace of mind to the car buyer.

A third option beyond the manufacturer CPO car and a regular used car with an extended warranty is the dealership certified car. When a dealer certifies a used car, it may be comparable to a manufacturer certified used car; sometimes, dealership certification even goes beyond the factory CPO program. A dealer certified used car should include a generous extended warranty, a detailed inspection process and possibly even added perks like free oil changes or car washes.