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About Us

Finding the right certified car for you is complicated, we know! So, if you’re looking for a simple and straightforward platform that allows you to shop thousands of certified cars from thousands of dealers across the country in one place, then you are in the right place.

CertifiedCars.com is the only official resource dedicated solely to showcasing and selling certified used cars across the United States. Our searchable database allows consumers to search their zip code and surrounding areas for all available certified cars and by make, model, color, features, warranty or price. No other website provides the ability to search for the exact specifications the car buyer desires from a database of only certified used cars.

CertifiedCars.com is the only site to rank certified cars against each other, instead of comparing them to regular used cars, resulting in fair comparisons and accurate results. Additionally, the website is more consumer-friendly with simple 1-click searches and available cross-manufacturer comparisons of data.

Combining decades of automotive knowledge and proven digital expertise, CertifiedCars.com is your top resource for finding the best certified cars in the country.

CertifiedCars.com - Smarter Than Used.